What makes the Pure Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment different is that we use nanomolecular keratin so the keratin particles are extremely tiny, allowing them to really penetrate the hair follicle and cover more of the hair's surface area. Other treatments use keratin, but they don't use nanomolecular particles, so the keratin does not penetrate the hair as deeply.
You should pour no more than 3 ounces (30-50 grams) of the Pure Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment into a bowl (non-metallic). A thin coat of treatment has to be spread very evenly along the entire length of the hair (just avoid contact with the hair root). The hair SHOULD NOT be soaked in product - DO NOT over saturate the hair. Excess of product DOES NOT guarantee a good result, and will actually work AGAINST the treatment. NOTE: Make sure to keep the silicon brush away from the nape of the neck and avoid any contact with skin or eyes while doing the application. Spread at a distance of 1cm (aprox.1 inch) from the scalp.
There have been no issues reported about that, as this treatment is absolutely not harmful as long as the procedure is done following the right instructions. If you are open to coloring the hair of a child, you can absolutely proceed to apply this treatment. Ultimately, this is a matter to be discussed between the professional and the minor’s parents. *In this particular case it is recommended to follow the directions for virgin hair* PREPARATION FOR VIRGIN HAIR: 1. Shampoo hair with Clarifying Shampoo and rinse thoroughly. Then shampoo again, but this time leave the shampoo in the hair and cover with a banded bouffant cap. 2. Apply heat for 10 minutes under a standing dryer, then remove the cap and rinse thoroughly. 3. Blow dry hair without combing or brushing until completely dry. 4. Proceed to apply the Pure Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment.
The purpose of the Clarifying Shampoo is to cleanse the hair and scalp of everyday buildup and any possible chemicals held in the hair, in addition to soften up the hair cortex and open up the cuticles in order to really absorb the keratin in a clear and open way.
The Clarifying Shampoo is meant to be used one time before the treatment - it is applied by the salon professional on the client’s hair. The Smooth Protection, retail shampoo is a post-treatment shampoo for the client’s personal use; it is sulfate-free, and thus won't strip the hair of the keratin treatment that has just been done.
No, the Pure Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment repairs various types of damage from chemical treatments, heat styling, or naturally frizzy hair. It does not change the genetic make up of hair; it makes hair more manageable, easy to style and frizz-free.
Absolutely, you can use it immediately after. However, you will need to skip the Neutralizing Phase: after reaching the proper developing time of the relaxer on hair (usually 10-15min), shampoo and rinse as usual. Then, INSTEAD OF applying the Conventional Neutralizer, proceed to blow-dry the hair in order to start the Keratin System treatment immediately after. The Pure Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment itself takes over as a neutralizer since it seals the cuticle when you pass the flat iron through the hair.
Yes. We recommend coloring hair PRIOR TO using Pure Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment. If you would like to color the hair after using the treatment, you can also do it 2 weeks after treatment.
After the first wash (72 hours after the treatment is done) you can style your hair any way you would like.
We recommend that you wait because it takes 72 hours for the keratin to form a stronger bond to the hair cortex. If hair is washed right after the treatment, some or most of the keratin may wash out and the results of the application will not last as long as desired.
No, during the first 72 hours following the application the hair should not be tied up with any bands or clips.
Blow dry the section of hair as soon as possible and/or use a flat iron to re-straighten the hair.
Blow dry the section of hair as soon as possible and/or use a flat iron to re-seal the cuticle.
The Pure Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment will last about 4 to 6 months depending on the hair type and maintenance. The system works best on chemically treated or damaged hair. For optimal results, we always advise anyone who receives our treatment to use only our Silk Keratin Smooth Protection Shampoo and Smooth Protection Conditioner.
To maintain the results and make the treatment last longer we recommend that you only use the Silk Keratin Smooth Protection Shampoo and Smooth Protection Conditioner; they are sulfate-free and will ensure that your results last as long as possible.
This product must be avoided by women who are pregnant or breast feeding.
Pure Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment is a keratin-based system with straightening capabilities that naturally washes out in 4 to 6 months. It protects and restores the hair without using harsh chemicals. Relaxers and Japanese straightening work on breaking and rearranging the internal bonds of the hair; once these processes are done, the hair is permanently straightened. The new growth of the Japanese straightening will always be curly, but the previously straightened hair will never revert or blend back.
Good candidates for the Pure Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment are anyone who has frizzy, damaged or processed hair. We have performed the treatment on every hair type (fine/course/frizzy/curly), as well as on extensions and on hair that has been permed or Japanese straightened. We have found that when applied properly, everyone can benefit from the Pure Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment.
If your hair is wavy, the Pure Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment will make your hair appear naturally straight and healthy. If your hair is very curly, it will minimize frizz while enhancing the appearance of the natural wave/curl. If you have straight, frizzy hair, this treatment will eliminate frizz and promote radiant shine.
No, your hair will not lose volume as a result of receiving the Pure Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment; your hair will maintain its natural volume.
Yes, the hair will revert to its original state once the Pure Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment has completed its life cycle of 4 to 6 months - the condition of the hair will actually improve as a result of the fortifying and conditioning nature of the product.
Yes, you can swim in either the pool or the ocean 72 hours after you receive the Pure Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment. However, both will begin to deplete the effectiveness of the treatment. Salt in the ocean will strip it much faster than in a pool, but chlorine in a pool will strip it as well.
You should avoid working out/sweating for the first 72 hours; after that, it will not affect the treatment, hair should just be worn up and away from the skin.
Yes, the Pure Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment performs perfectly on hair extensions. We recommend performing the treatment separately on the extensions prior to putting them into the hair. If you wish to perform the treatment on extensions that are already in the hair, the stylist will need to be extremely careful when applying the solution to the bonded area.
No, it is a treatment that naturally straightens and strengthens hair with a base of keratin.
It is recommended to cut the hair afterwards; this way dead ends can be trimmed at the end of the treatment.
Yes, the Pure Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment can be applied on ANY previously chemically treated hair (colored, highlighted, relaxed, bleached).