Hello! Please know that we update the questions on a daily or weekly basis and as needed.

1. Q: What are your business hours?

A: We are open from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm, eastern standard time. We will be available to respond to questions, phone calls and online messages between 10 am to 5 pm, eastern standard time.

Any messages received via email or through social media, inquiries, or orders received after business hours will be answered or ship on the very next business day.

2. Q: What is a keratin treatment?

A: A keratin hair treatment is a chemical salon treatment that uses a blend of keratin (that’s protein to you and us) and other ingredients, in combination with heat to help eliminate frizz, soften kinks, and straighten out curls, while also making hair shinier and healthier-looking.

3. Q: Is it permanent?

A: No. Unlike traditional relaxers and Japanese hair straightening treatments (AKA thermal reconditioning), keratin treatments do not last forever. The process targets only the outer layer of the hair, rather than changing the inner structure of it, so on average, you can expect the results to last between 2-6 months.

4. Q: How long does the keratin last?

A: The One-Step Kera-Quik organic keratin treatment lasts anywhere from 4 up to 5 months and the non-organic 24 Hour Gold and Ultra Smoothing keratins may last 4 up to 6 months, with the recommended hair care.

Again, it all depends on the after hair care products the clients use. The most important thing is the after care products they use, after the hair treatment.

5. Q: What is the shelf life of Inova Professional keratins?

A: The shelf life of our hair keratins are up to 2 years, after the bottles have been opened.

6. Q: How much should I (hairstylist) charge?

A: You should charge based on the hair salon location, the time spent on the client, the hair length, and the hair thickness of the client, the value of the initial investment or hair products package used with the client, and the technology and ingredients used on the product.

Consider that the One-Step Kera-Quik is an organic keratin and you will save some time during the process. We strongly recommend you to do the proper research in your market area and be as competitive as other hairstylists.

Overall, in the United States, there is an average price between $200 up to $700 dollars, per keratin treatment. These prices are based on the facts mentioned above.

7. Q: What to do first the keratin or the color?

A: We advise that you apply the color first, and then you can apply the keratin the very same day.

8. Q: Will it damage my hair?

A: No. Actually, it should have quite the opposite effect. Remember that keratin is the main ingredient that makes up the outer layer of our hair. So if this is a process that literally soaks your strands in the stuff (and using heat to help seal it in!), then it should, in theory, make your hair feel stronger, healthier-looking, and glossier, right?

9. Q: How do I know if it’s for me?

A: If you’re a slave to the straightener or a prolific blow-dryer, forever trying to de-frizz and iron out your hair, there’s a good chance the keratin hair treatment is the one for you (it’ll significantly decrease your blow-dry time, that’s for sure).

On the other hand, if your hair is damaged, or lacks shine, it might be worth considering this treatment, as keratin can help repair the strands, too.

10. Q: Can I get it done if I have dyed or bleached hair?

A: Yes. Unlike other straightening treatments (home-use flat irons included), the keratin method is actually good for bleached and dyed hair, as it can help make it feel healthier and restore shine.

11. Q: What's the main difference between the One-Step Kera-Quik, the 24 Hour Gold and the Ultra Hair Smoothing keratins?

A: The One-Step Kera-Quik is an organic keratin that does not contain fumes, formaldehyde and parabens. The 24 Hour Gold and the Ultra Hair Smoothing keratins have formaldehyde and parabens.

The One-Step Kera-Quik last anywhere from 4 up to 5 months with proper hair care and the usage of our hair care product line for proper maintenance, while the 24 Hour Gold and the Ultra Hair Smoothing keratins last longer, anywhere from 4 up to 6 months with proper hair care and the usage of our recommended hair care product line.

The third main difference is that you can rinse out the One-Step Kera-Quik keratin the very same day of the hair treatment, while you have to wait up to 24 hours to wash your hair, if you use the 24 Hour Gold keratin, and your client must wait 72 hours to wash their hair, if they used the Ultra Hair Smoothing keratin.

12. Q: What is a Pro Account?

A: A Pro -or- Professional Account is a brand NEW tab created on our site, under a hair salon app, integrated in our website to provide full access to hair stylists, and salon business owners only, in order for them to purchase our professional products, at a discounted price.

In order to have full access to the Pro Account, you must hold and provide a valid and active hair stylist license and create a new account.

With this new system launched at the end of last year (2020) you now have to create a NEW account to access our professional products and prices.

We fully recommend you to save all the details of your account (email address and password) once you create a NEW account, in order for you to have full access the next time you login online.

13. Q: Can I buy any of your hair keratin treatments without a hair stylist license?

A: No. You will not be able to purchase none of our hair keratin treatments without a valid and active hair stylist license.

14. Q: What is a masterclass and how can I request one?

A: A masterclass is a live streaming -or- an in-person training session.

It consist of a 2 up to 3 hours interactive training, full of valuable information where we teach hair stylists step-by-step and salon business owners how to use our profitable hair care products to succeed in the beauty industry.

There is a refundable fee to reserve the class. The money will be refunded at the end of the training.

If you are interested, send us a message on the contact tab menu.

15. Q: Are you responsible for third party companies selling your hair care products online?

A: Inova Professional is not responsible for non-authorized third party companies online to sell our hair care products.

We are happy to provide full customer service support if you purchase directly from our official website, or through our authorized dealers around the globe.

16. Q: Could you let us know who are your authorized distributors around the globe?

A: Sure, our authorized distributors around the globe are:

Sullivan Beauty Supply, Emiliani Metro, Iorio Beauty Supply, Fresno Beauty Supply

Elegance Makers of Cosmetics, Sogeser and Kam Company for Med and Vet Services.