How to Maintain Dyed Blonde Hair?

Just got blonde hair from a salon and are afraid you may lose it or damage your hair? 


Let’s be honest, if you want to maintain your blonde-colored hair at its best, you'll have to put in some work.  


A lack of correct care for your blonde hair may lead to dryness and brittleness as well as yellowing or brassiness. 


Hair that has been bleached is more prone to breakage than hair that hasn't been. 


Heat, strong chemicals, and other environmental variables may cause discoloration and damage; thus it requires additional protection from these elements.  


The information in this article will help you avoid damage after bleaching your hair blonde and keep the color you've achieved for a longer period. You’ll also find out some of the best tips you can use to protect your dyed blonde hair. 


So, let’s begin. 


  1. Put a break on shampooing too often

Bleach can burn your scalp if you wash your hair within two days of bleaching. 


For best results, let the color dry for at least two days before washing. While you're in the shower, keep your hair dry by using a shower cap.


Keep in mind that repeated washing might deplete your hair of natural oils and its color pigments if you wash it too often. 


Shampoo free of sulfates and gently massaging the scalp with your hands are the best options. Close the cuticles with the last rinse of lukewarm water, which will help decrease the fading process. 


  1. Use Purple Shampoo for Blonde Hair

When bleached blonde, hair may become yellow or orange over time.  

Purple/blonde shampoos are designed to brighten and tone down brassy tones in blonde and silver hair, respectively. 


The violet pigment in these shampoos works to counteract the yellow undertones.  


Look for a dark purple-colored plant-based blonde shampoo. 


A once-weekly application of the suggested amount of purple shampoo is all that's required.  


If you use a purple shampoo too often or keep it on for an extended period, the color may become purple.  


While you're waiting, wash your hair with a sulfate-free or color-safe shampoo. 


Your preferred everyday shampoo doesn't have to change if you find purple shampoo drying your hair. 


Wash your hair with purple shampoo at least once a week and alternate between washes throughout each week to maintain your blonde hair looking its best.


If you notice that your hair becomes yellow or brassy rapidly, you may want to increase the amount of purple shampoo product you use.  


If you notice that your hair is becoming ashy, you may want to reduce the frequency with which you wash it.  


The length of time you keep your shampoo on your hair might also affect how much it tones your hair. 


  1. Prioritize Conditioning and Deep Conditioning

When it comes to hair care, it’s all about deep conditioning.  


It stops your hair from being dry and brittle and offers it a healthy, lustrous appearance and feel.  


If you're going to do this well, you'll need to use a conditioner every day and a deep conditioner every week. 


Once a week, apply a deep conditioning treatment to colored hair, which requires a lot of moisture and protection.


As the name suggests, deep-acting conditioners nourish the scalp and hair while preventing breakage.  


In addition to bringing back your hair's natural radiance, this procedure will keep it looking vibrant and youthful. 


  1. Do hair mask treatments

In addition to repairing any damage, hair masks are necessary to maintain the health of your dyed blonde hair regularly. 


With hair masks, the longer you leave them on, the better.  


Allowing a mask to sit on the hair for a few hours allows the active ingredients to penetrate the cuticles and strengthen the hair. 


Your body heat will help lock in the moisture that is finding its way into the cuticles by wrapping your hair in cling film or a shower cap. 


  1. Oiling should be handled with caution

A lot of people believe that oiling your hair is the greatest method to keep it healthy, but this isn't always the case for those with blonde hair.  

 Using too much oil may weigh your hair down and make it seem greasy, so be careful when applying it.  

 Oils with a yellow hue should be avoided if you have white or platinum blonde hair, since they may easily grab onto your hair and discolor it. 


So, there you have it.


These are some of the tips, tricks, and hacks to maintain your dyed blonde hair.


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