As of last year (2020) Inova Professional started a brand new exclusive deal agreement with the well-known distribution company Emiliani Metro.

In this new legal deal Emiliani Metro will be responsible to distribute and sell all of Inova Professional hair care products in the city of New York and New Jersey

In other words, if you have been a long time loyal client (salon business owner or hairstylist) that reside and work in New York or New Jersey you must please contact directly Emiliani Metro, to fulfill your next orders.

Please know that if you reside and work in the states of New York or New Jersey, we will kindly refund your money back, so you can make your purchase directly throughout Emiliani Metro.

For more information about Emiliani Metro please visit their website and contact directly one of their top representatives, her name is:

Mary Ellen Scanlon


Emiliani Metro

Address181 E Halsey Rds, Parsippany, NJ 07054