How to Use Dry Shampoo the Right Way

Fresh, Clean Hair in 3 Steps

Greasy, dirty hair is never a good look, but sometimes there’s simply not enough time in the day to wash, condition, blow dry, and style. Fortunately, Inova’s Touch Clean & Go will give your hair a beautiful boost that’s oil-free and full of volume in a fraction of the time.
Many people are skeptical about dry shampoo. Does it really work? How does it work? How do you use it?
How to Use
Using dry shampoo can be broken down into three simple steps: spray, mix, and volumize.

  1. Start by spraying your hairline and roots by separating sections of your hair.
  2. Next, completely mix in the spray and shake out your roots for extra volume.
  3. Finally, brush from roots to tips to fully work in the formula. Remember, the less you touch your hair throughout the day the better.
Benefits of Using Dry Shampoo
Daily washing is actually bad for your hair since it strips away the natural oils your scalp produces to keep your hair healthy. Dry shampoos soak up grease and dirt without a drip of water. Some other benefits:
    • Save Time- Shorten your daily routine by eliminating daily washing.
  • No Heat- Drying and straightening or curling everyday damages your hair, so less heat is always better.
    • Create Volume- Forget flat hair, and give your hair a volume boost that will last all day long.
    • Eliminate Grease- Get rid of dirt and oil without ever turning on the shower.
    • Slow Color Fade- Washing less extends the life of hair color, meaning more time between trips to the salon.
    With Touch Clean & Go on your everyday essentials checklist, you can enjoy fresh, clean hair that feels and looks effortless, wherever you are!

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