Caring for Hair After Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatments are a semi-permanent, conditioning hair coating that is enriched with keratin proteins. These treatments are used to help repair damaged hair and smooth locks that might be a bit unruly or frizzy. Keratin is a protein that is found naturally in hair, skin and nails.

A lack of this protein makes hair porous which can cause frizz, making hair unmanageable. As it becomes depleted, due to environmental, chemical and heat damage, it is important to replenish keratin.

This will basically “fill in the holes” of porous hair and will make hair smoother and easy to manage and style. After getting a hair treatment, be sure to treat your hair carefully afterward. Follow these guidelines after your keratin hair treatment to maintain the longevity and benefits.

  • Make sure you avoid getting your hair wet for up to three days after your treatment. These first few days post-treatment are known as the forming stage. During this time keratin is sealing into the cuticle of the hair. Moisture can wash away the infusing proteins which will ultimately lead to a different long-term result. If you want to refresh your hair during the beginning phase of your treatment stick to using a dry shampoo. Be sure to use one that sprays out only powder, versus some dry shampoos that will spray both powder and liquid.
  • Don't pull your hair back into a ponytail, bun, braids, etc. Leave it down and straight to avoid getting dents in your hair while the keratin absorbs. After the first three days if you decide you would like to put your hair up use a soft hair tie.

  • When you use products after your keratin hair treatment make sure that they are sulfate-free. Sodium lauryl sulfate is a cleansing ingredient used in many hair care products that can actually cause damage. It strips natural oils and weakens the hair follicle. Over time this will make hair brittle and will cause split-ends. Keratin treatments are used to fix the negative damage caused by using sulfates. After a treatment make sure you use keratin enriched products. This will continue to rehabilitate your hair by constantly redistributing the protein. We provide a variety of keratin products ranging anywhere from shampoos, conditioners and styling products that not only make your hair look great, but bring health back to it.

  • Keratin and additional healthy ingredients will best absorb into hair when moisturized. Continue to use moisturizing products and deep conditioning hair care to provide the best results for your treatment. Leave-in conditioners are ideal after a keratin hair treatment. Here at Inova, we have two products that are perfect for prolonging the effects of a keratin treatment. Our Silk Keratin Sheer Magic Smoothing Balm is an ultra-conditioning leave-in treatment combined with a smooth hair styling product. Ingredients include a blend amino acids and keratin proteins which infuse hair with moisture to produce a strengthening barrier. This will help block out humidity and lock in essential nutrients. Hair will be nourished, manageable, and will hold long-lasting style. Also check out The Inova Miracle Mask. This is perfect product if you are looking for deep conditioning. As a natural hair treatment this mask will help fix damaged hair by repairing split-ends and simultaneously detangling and improving manageability. Formulated with avocado oil, keratin protein, silk protein and white carnation oil, your hair will be intensively nourished, hydrated and beautiful.

  • Lastly, pick up a silk pillow case to rest your head at night. Cotton pillowcases may cause friction in the hair while you sleep which will shorten the effects of your treatment. Silk creates little friction, which will prolong the benefits of your keratin treatment.

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