A Super Story of Entrepreneurship

By Chary Hurtak

10 years ago in New York City, fate brought together two talented beings who had the same passion for the art of cosmetology, styling, and entrepreneurship.

Simon and Daniel did not know that despite having grown up in the same neighborhood years ago in the nation of Israel, life would place them right in the same place again and years later in the United States, to transform and revolutionize the hair of the woman, in a true work of art.

Daniel started his profession long before Simon. Because of his experience, energy, and dedication in the field of beauty, he became Simon's instructor, when he was recruited as a professional hairdresser, in the salon where Daniel worked. Simon, at that time, was a young recent graduate looking to gain more experience and develop as a beauty specialist.

In their day, Daniel and Simon were known for their charisma, their joy, their warmth with their clients, and their great passion to beautify and repair the image of hundreds of women who sought their services every week, in the fascinating city that never sleeps.

As part of their preparation and training, both stylists exchanged their opinions about their experiences with their clients. And they both came to the same conclusion. The girls were neglecting their hair. They also noticed that some of their clients were abusing and mixing chemicals of different brands, and experimenting with many treatments.

Daniel and Simon, two entrepreneurs at heart, began to think of a solution to this challenge. It was then that they began looking for information about ingredients and nutrients that they could use for their loyal consumers.

Over time they met experts on the subject of hair products, and with their advice and help, they created their own hairline.
Inova Professional was the life project that unified the professional relationship and the great friendship that was born between the stylists and now entrepreneurs Simon and Daniel.

In this walk, they have been painting smiles for 10 years and returning high self-esteem to the hair of many women. Their product line is made up of 30 different hair products that are focused on repairing, conditioning, and strengthening dry, split, weak, and chemically processed hair.

Their endeavor began by looking for a solution to a common problem among women and then they expanded their empire by acquiring other beauty salons in the northern United States.

After several years as owners and managers of multiple hair salons, Simon and Daniel decided to focus exclusively on their line of hair products and now Inova is accessible to every active woman who wants to nourish her hair and have it healthy, strong, and truly beautiful, from the comfort of your home.

I ask you, what is an undertaking that you have wanted to do for a long time and have not started it? Look around you and study a common problem. Look for the solution, just like these two entrepreneurs did. Dare to dream, to act, to believe in the entrepreneurship process, and to start your own entrepreneurial story without excuses.

Remember that everything in life is possible for those who believe in the possibility of working and realizing their dreams!

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