Ciara Collection - Inova Professional

Inova Professional Ciara Collection Brown Color Deposit Shampoo Conditioner & Mask Set


Precio habitual $99.00

(1) Brown Color Deposit Shampoo Sulfate Free 11 oz.

(1) Brown Color Deposit Conditioner 7 oz.

(1) Brown Miracle Mask 10.2 oz. 

About this Product

  • Enriches hair follicles with deep color.
  • Protects layer that locks in moisture.
  • Hydrate hair while repairing split ends.
  • Leave hair feeling smoother, shinier, and healthier without stripping away your natural oils.
  • Repair the pigment of your hair color.
  • This amazing product is built to only enhance and revive your hair color.
  • The Color System is not designed to change your hair color or to cover gray hair.