Makeup That Will Compliment Your Hair Color

Did you know there are certain makeup looks that can bring out your luscious locks of hair? Here are some makeups tips based on your hair color:

Dark Brown Hair/Ebony
Darker hair gives your whole appearance a deeper, more intense look. If you’re going out and you want your eye makeup to be dramatic and bold, go for the neutral lip-not both. This will create a balance and give you a nice overall look with your hair.
Medium and Light Brown
A medium hair tone gives you a blank/neutral canvas so it leaves a ton of room for fun colorful looks. During the day softer brown tone looks will give you a wholesome look, but for nights out bold pinks, blues and sparkles are the way to go.

If your hair is lighter your makeup can be soft and light with a bold winged eyeliner to frame your eyes and bring out your hair color. Or you can bring out your hair with a darker eye look like a brown or taupe smokey eye with a highlighted inner corner. If you want a striking look, wear a red lip and a wash of soft brown shadow on your lids and smudge black eyeliner on the top lash line.

If you have red hair then you should try a neutral eye looks so the focus can be on your hair. You can also try out different kinds of greens that will really make your whole look pop!

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