What is Keratin?

By Chary Hurtak 

Keratin is an essential protein that our body generates and needs. One of the main properties of this protein is the strength and firmness that it provides to our nails, skin and hair.

Unfortunately, after a certain age, our body no longer produces keratin. That is why today we must constantly nourish the body with this important protein, to restore strength and firmness to our skin, nails and hair.

The characteristic that stands out the most in the keratin hair treatment is the repair of the hair fibers. In this way, it nourishes your strand from the roots to the ends, thus hydrating your hair and giving it more firmness, hydration and shine.

In addition, keratin works as a layer of protection for your hair when using sprays, chemicals, irons and dryers.

When you use a keratin-based product, you are injecting your body with life and nutrients again, which are lost over time.

I ask you, when was the last time you touched your hair and it felt fluffy, weak and dry? That my friends is an alarming sign that you need more effective, intense and efficient nutrients.

Entrepreneurial woman, this season and throughout the year take good care of your health, and your body.

The hydration and conditioner you need so much has a name and is just one click away from you. We invite you to give us a vote of confidence. We want to help you restore high self-esteem to your hair. Take care of him. Let us give you a hand!

Remember "Your hair is the crown that you never take off"

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