Pro-Fusion Therapy

If your hair is dead, dull and in need of some special treatment. Our Pure Keratin Pro-Fusion Therapy product is exactly what you need. Liquid keratin protein and liquid collagen join forces to bring severely damaged and chemically-treated hair back to life.

Daily elements bring damage to your hair. Heat is a major offender, especially during the summer months. Natural heat and humidity can deplete your hair of moisture and keratin making it prone to breakage. Damage is also done each time you use a blow-dryer, curling iron or straightener. Chemically-treated and dyed hair also undergo serious damage.

The Pure Keratin Pro-Fusion Therapy hair care product is a miracle worker. It takes all of your dead and damaged hair and uses the power of keratin and collagen to heal and strengthen.

Keratin is a protein found naturally in hair, skin and nails. It protects the external part of the strand and also works internally to help strengthen hair. Over time hair is naturally depleted of keratin from environmental factors, physical and/or chemical damage. It adds shine and softness while also protecting hair from humidity. Keratin proteins help to retain moisture and heal damaged hair. Keratin helps hair become more manageable thus decreasing styling time and also helps to seal in color.

Liquid collagen is a structural protein that also supports health for hair, skin and nails. As a polypeptide, this protein contains a blend of amino acids found in the body’s connective tissue.  Collagen deficiency shows signs of early aging, hair loss, damaged hair and nail beds, and skin problems. Type I collagen impacts hair growth and quality. It increases strength of the hair shaft, improves hair and nail growth, and brings quality to hair that helps reduce breakage. This supplement can be found in some foods such as fish, dark green vegetables, soy and garlic, but can also be taken as a supplement in a capsule.   

When these two components fuse together they miraculously bring damaged and destroyed hair back to life. Your hair will be smoother, shinier and stronger than ever. People who have tried this hair care product are raving about it!!

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