How to Humidity-Proof Hair

Hot weather means sun tans, outdoor fun and trips to the ice cream stand. But muggy temperatures means frizzy hair from humidity. Luckily, there are a few tricks to keep your hair from frizzing in the humid weather.

First, how exactly does humidity affect hair? There are three layers on a strand of hair and the cuticle is the outer layer which works as a protective shield. When the cuticle is smooth hair will look less frizzy and easy to manage. A cuticle that’s roughed up will make hair look frizzy and damaged. Follow these steps and weather-proof your hair for the next few summer months.

Don’t let humidity give you a bad hair day. Humidity allows your hair to be naturally textured, so during the summer style your hair accordingly. Wear it natural and loose, and maybe put your hair back into a braid. Styling your hair too tightly could lead to breakage and will further damage your locks. Also style your hair when it is wet; this will retain more moisture as you go along in your day.

Don’t over-wash or style your hair too much in the humid summer months. Most hair types can usually go a few days without shampooing and if you are washing too frequently you can actually make your hair more greasy as you strip the natural oils. When you do shampoo use a gentle, mild and sulfate-free product, like our Silk Keratin Smooth Protection. If your hair is feeling extra greasy give it a little dry shampoo to hold you over until your next wash. Continue to condition your hair throughout the summer. The extra moisture is necessary as the sun and other elements will dry out your hair regularly.

Deeply moisturize with a hair mask to maintain manageability and avoid frizz. Try out Inova’s Silk Keratin The Miracle Mask, which is sulfate-free and infused with avocado oil, white carnation oil, keratin proteins, silk proteins, and other ingredients which helps provide hair with intense hydration and nourishment. A hair mask works to completely deep condition the hair and maintain the silky smooth straightness.

Embrace the natural texture of your hair. Over-styling in humid weather will sometimes make your hair a mess. Spritz a little humidity-resistant hairspray and let your hair go natural this summer.

Since heat and humidity can do such damage to hair, try letting yourself air dry instead of a blow drier. This not only allows more of your hair to retain moisture, but you won’t be adding even more heat damage than you will already have from the hot and muggy weather. When you do need to blow dry, don’t dry your hair entirely, let your roots remain relatively wet and to avoid extra damage to your hair use a nozzle attachment.

The condition of your hair is a reflection of your personal health. Stay hydrated this summer and make sure you’re getting all of the vitamins and nutrients you need. Hot and humid weather means you will be losing a lot of fluids. Keep yourself replenished.

Humidity doesn’t have to control you this summer. Your hair can be beautiful and manageable no matter where you go or what you do. Just remember: moisturize and hydrate! Let your hair be natural and don’t shampoo too often.

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