What's going to be different in 2019?

Do your resolutions fail every year? So do mine. I stopped making them yearssss ago. People also tend to make resolutions that are calendar driven obligations or or statements like “I’m going to eat healthier.” Those resolutions are too broad and unrealistic and it already marks the beginning to the end. Make your resolution specific, reachable, and one that you know you could stick to if you really focus in on it. I think everyone should stop focusing on tasks, and start focusing inward. Mental health has been a big thing especially in 2018. (Rest in peace Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade, Mac Miller)

Are you unhappy? Find your happiness. Is something making you unhappy? Fix it or cut that part out of your life. Find what makes you feel peaceful inside. If you’re carrying demons find ways to let them go. Get in touch with yourself and focus inward and everything in life should follow.

Depression, anxiety and addiction can slowly consume your life  It’s okay not to be okay, but you need to tell someone. You are not alone! It is amazing how much clarity and relief you can get from talking to someone like your mom, dad, girlfriend/boyfriend, best friend, a help line, a therapist etc...

Make something different within yourself for the better this year. Don’t make a frivolous resolution that will get lost with time. Your mental health will never get lost, take care of it. Find positivity, radiate positive vibes and spread it. Everyone wants to be happy so why not help each other out. Be kind, be true and give yourself the best chance at life.

Peace Out 2018.

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