The Pros and Cons of Dyeing Your Hair

Dyeing your hair is a fun and fashionable way to change up your hairstyle. However, the choice to dye your hair can often be a confusing one with multitudes of contradicting advice and information on the subject. To help you make the decision that’s right for you, here are the pros and cons of dyeing your hair.

Pros of Dyeing Your Hair

Express Your Style

Hair dye can be the ultimate expression of your personal style. The types and combinations of hair dyes are positively endless, meaning every person can find a hair dye that’s perfect for them. You can choose to do a bold color, daring balayage, or stick with a timeless classic - the choice is completely up to you.

Highlight Your Features

A custom hair dye can be a fantastic way to put your favorite facial features on display. A dark, warm brunette hair dye, for example, could pull focus to your eyes and accentuate their natural color. By contrast, a light, golden blonde hair dye could brighten up your entire complexion. The right hair dye is a great technique to emphasize your natural beauty.


The very nature of hair dyeing is temporary, which makes the entire process extremely flexible. You can change your hair color for a new style, season, event, or whenever you want.

You could opt for a beachy, blonde summer hair dye before switching to a warm, auburn fall hair dye. The flexible nature of hair dye means you can easily change up your look.

Cons of Dyeing Your Hair


Dyeing your hair on a regular basis can quickly add up. The cost of dyeing hair and maintaining dyed hair is extremely expensive, especially if the style is intricate. In addition to the financial burden, dyeing your hair also costs a large amount of time.

Damages Protective Proteins

Your hair is composed of tons of proteins that protect your hair from the harsh elements like heat, UV rays, and even extreme moisture. When hair is dyed, the protective proteins are damaged to allow the dye chemicals to reach and alter the hair strand. This reaction, therefore, can weaken the overall strength of your hair and leave it vulnerable to damage from the sun or heat-based styling tools.

Alters Thickness and Texture

The damaged protective proteins in dyed hair can also have big impacts on the thickness and texture of your hair. In some cases, the follicles of dyed hair can become rough or the hair can lose some of its thickness. These two changes can lead to overall changes in the thickness and strength of your hair, as well as its natural texture.


The decision to dye your hair can be a complicated one filled with pros and cons. However, if you do decide to dye your hair, be sure to use a high caliber shampoo and conditioner to ensure your hair is fully protected. Inova Professional Silk Keratin Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Silk Keratin Smooth Hydration Conditioner are filled with silk proteins to smooth out frizz and rough hair textures, as well as keratin to help strengthen hair against the elements. These products are also safe to use on treated hair, meaning they’ll protect both the style and the hair itself.

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