Our Keratin Color Revive System

The Future in Color Treated Hair Care is Here!

Inova Professionals brings you a new complete hair maintenance kit, a revolutionary three tiered product line that leaves your hair moist and deposits color on your hair each time you wash it, regardless of the shade, helping you maintain your color treatment longer. This is the only hair care line in the world featuring a shampoo that combines Sulfate Free, Keratin and color depositing properties. Compatible with any shade, Inova Professional’s new product line also contains a keratin enriched conditioner and a hair mask to keep your color going strong for months with no salon visits. You worked hard to get just the right hair color- now protect it with this kit
Let us protect it…

Inova Professional is bringing you the solution to your hair color maintenance problems- a Triple-Action Sulfate Free, Keratin enriched, color depositing and protecting shampoo.  Our special shampoo adds in color and keratin with each wash. This uniquely developed Sulfate Free shampoo cleanses in a gentle way, while the color deposit ingredients eliminate hair color fading, touches up re-growth/roots and boosts your hair color, lending it a vibrancy across all color spectrums. Color deposit is like a shot of color, reviving and enhancing color treatment, balancing out harsh brassiness and undertones, while the Keratin smoothes and shines.

Your hair will love Inova's new conditioner, which deposits and protects color while de-tangling and de-frizzing it (or “your hair”). Also contains hydrating Keratin protein, leaving hair glossy, shiny, touchable, and moist. Say goodbye to split ends, dryness and dullness and hello to lush locks and dynamic color.

Therapeutic, color-depositing mask uses advanced nano-technology to penetrate and nourish hair down to the cellular level, coating the follicle in color and a protective layer that locks in moisture, for optimal manageability and vivaciousness. Keratin protein repairs split ends and takes hair from dry to dewy, and Avocado oil adds moisture. Safe for Highlights.

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