Gift Guide for All Things Beauty

Gift Guide for All Things Beauty

~For Women~


Except you don’t know what to get anyone…



There are a lot of gift guides out there and shops that actually create lists for different types of people you may be shopping Amazon! I also just discovered another store called Goop that has an amazing variety of products that pretty much covers any type of person you’re shopping for.


So here’s a helpful guide that may boggle some ideas.

Hair Products

Hair is a big thing especially to girls and probably to guys as well. One hair appointment and your life could be changed for the better..or for the worse depending on the outcome. Anyway, hair is important!

If the person you’re shopping for dyes their hair blonde, black or red, then our Keratin Color Revive & Enhance collection is perfect. They can maintain their hair color after they leave the salon or if they dye their hair themselves. The products have keratin and color deposits which will make your hair frizz-free and give your color a boost and refreshed look.

Hair masks are very beneficial to the restoration of your hair especially if there is heat and color damage. A lot of people wouldn’t think to buy on or just wouldn’t bother to. I think hair masks are one of the products that people don’t buy, but if someone gives them one, they will use it all the time. Check out our Miracle Masks! They are really worth the money. You will notice a difference in your hair just after 1 use!

For women specifically, Hair Salon/Day Spa gift certificates would make them smile from ear to ear.


Face/Makeup Products

Face products to promote good skin is always a go as well as makeup. Brands/stores like Clinique and Sephora sell so many different good quality gift sets that’s definitely worth the money. Face masks are a big thing at the moment for women right. Companies like GlamGlow sell a variety of high quality face masks. And they are so fun and satisfying to apply.


Women strive to make sure their nails look good because if their nails look good, then they feel good-or at least feel better. Sometimes it can get pricey so gift certificates are a BIG plus. Another thing you could buy is a Gel/Dip Nail Sets so they can give themselves a long lasting manicures. However, if the person your buying for is not too keen on DIY projects, then just stick to the gift card!


  • Coffee gift cards- Starbucks/Dunkin (I would hope you know which one they prefer)

  • Fuzzy Slipper are always a good things to have around the house. Here is what I’d suggest

  • JEWELRY. How could one go wrong. Rings and necklaces are a girl's best friend (if they are the type to wear jewelry on the daily)


Any gift you get, as long as it’s thoughtful, they will love it! Don’t get too stressed out during the holiday season. It is the most wonderful time of the year! And just because Black Friday is over, doesn't mean all the good sales are over. Keep your eyes peeled.

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