Make sure your hair beats the cold!

Make sure your hair beats the cold!

It’s so easy to forget about your hair when September rolls around and the weather starts to get a little crisper! As the temperature drops, the air starts to become dry because there is a lack of moisture in the air. In turn, your hair is more prone to becoming dry and static-y. So as the season changes, so should your hair routine! Here are some tips to make sure your hair survives the cold this fall and winter!


  1. Washing your hair

I’m sure you have heard it many times before but washing your hair too often (especially during the winter) can be damaging and unhealthy for your hair. Stripping your hair of its natural oils too often can lead to damaged and broken hair. I get it—a lot of women need to wash their hair daily because it gets oily very fast. Everyone has different hair textures and thickness, so some hair can get greasy faster than others. I find that the thinner your hair is, the faster your hair gets oily. Personally, my hair starts to get greasy after 2-3 days and that’s without using any heavy products. I let it go even longer sometimes because I try to find cute hair styles that disguise the grease. Usually on 3rd day hair I would curl my hair because for whatever reason it magically makes my hair look clean again. But that’s just me! Find hairstyles that work for you, so you can let your hair rest a little longer before washing. Your hair will thank you in the end!!


  1. Caring for your hair

As we just discussed above, shampoo is what strips your hair of all its oil and moisture. I mean that is its job—to break up build up in the hair so your hair is clean. However, taking out your hair natural oils too often will lead your hair to become dry and frizzy ON TOP of the brisk air drying out your hair. So, if you feel like you need to wash your hair daily then I would recommend buying a sulfate-free shampoo. Sulfate-free shampoos maintain the natural oils in your hair while still dissolving dirt and build up.

Wash & go styles are not very suitable for the winter time, so blow-dryers become everyone’s best friend (and because you can warm your feet while drying your hair!) No one is interested in stepping foot outside with wet hair and feel the cold breeze chill their wet scalp. I know the warmth feels so good especially in the morning but as it’s drying your hair it is also drying OUT your hair. Air dry as long as possible and then hit it with the blow-dryer and don’t forget to use a heat protectant!

Women bundle up in the winter with cute hat and scarves, but those accessories can also tangle, pull and break your hair. Especially the ends. And don’t skip out on getting your hair trimmed. If there is any good time to get your hair cut, it is during the winter. Your ends are always the most vulnerable part of your hair because they are prone to breakage and split ends. This will ensure that your hair stays healthy.


  1. Moisturizing Treatment & Products

Investing in hair products is more important than you think. The higher the quality, the more your hair will benefit BUT you have to find the brand that works for you. Once you find the right brand with the right price, your hair will become healthier and easier to manage in the long run. Heavier products like hair masks and deep condition treatments is what your hair needs during the colder months. Our Miracle Mask and Intense Repair Miracle Mask are actually a miracle. I felt a complete difference in my hair just after one use. The mask is made with avocado oil which helps restore damaged hair and moisturizes at the same time. We also have a Pro-Fusion Therapy intensive restoration mask. It comes with 6 vessels of pure keratin and 6 vessels of pure collagen. You empty one of each into a portion of the base hair mask and apply to your hair once a week. Your hair will look shiny, healthy and fabulous ALL winter.

Follow these tips and tricks and your hair will beat the harsh winter weather! Self-care is important so make sure you make time for yourself no matter how busy you get. If you look good, you’ll feel good!

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