New Year, New Hair

New Year, New Hair

The New Year is coming up and it’s around that time people make resolutions and start to implement change. This also calls for a change up in hair! It‘s so fun to play with your hair and try different styles and colors.

Blonde Hair


Do blondes have more fun? Maybe! Every friend I had that decided to go blonde, they always wanted to go blonder and blonder. Maybe being blonde is addicting just like getting tattoos except not as permanent. That being said, why not try it out! Maybe add some highlights or an ombre.



Dark Hair

Going darker could be just as fun as going lighter. Having darker hair frames your face better than blonde hair. It gives your face a whole different look. You could either love it or hate it but it is something very different. I dyed my hair black for a while and I think it gave me a more exotic, intense look and I really did enjoy it. Experiment with dark browns and different hues of black. You’ll be surprised with what you fall in love with but you wont know if you don’t try!


Colored Hair

Experimenting with bright, vibrant, nontraditional colors has been the trend for a couple years. Reds, purples, and blues are fun colors to try out and will give you an exotic twist to your whole look.



If you do decide to try out a new hair color, check out our Color Revive and Enhance collection. We have a purple shampoo, conditioner and hair mask set for blonde hair, a brown color deposit set, black and red.



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