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Do you have dry skin? Then you know it only gets worse in the winter. Carrying hand lotion, lip balm and maybe even face lotion is a NECESSITY for me to carry around during the winter. Or else I’ll turn into a big ball of dry that could crumble at any given moment.


I know it’s winter time when:

  1. I get in the car and the skin on my hands are 5 seconds away from freezing onto the wheel and

  2. My hands and lips feel like sandpaper all the time.

Here are some do’s and don’ts to prevent flaky skin and tips to keep your skin glowing and hydrated.

Don’t take long steaming hot showers.

Jumping in a hot shower in the winter is one of the best feelings in the world, I know. However, hot water will dry out your skin even more! The hotter the water, the more oil and moisture is removed from your skin and the longer you're in the shower, the more moisture is being removed. So, if you like steaming hot showers, keep them short!

Don’t wash your face with oil free cleansers or regular body wash.

Whenever I see people throw any ol' soap on their face, a piece of my heart dies. Only use soap that is meant for your face! Especially if you have dry skin. Invest in a good face wash that works with your type of skin.

Do exfoliate.

Dry flaky skin is not cute especially when you are wearing makeup or putting makeup over top it. It is not a fun time. Take all the dead dried skin off and rejuvenate your skin with cream after.

Do use face masks.

Face masks are so fun to do and so easy. Anything you need to help your skin, you can get it in a face mask! There are so many different kinds everywhere! If you feel like treating yourself, Sephora has some great $5 face masks and so does target and drug stores. 

Do apply a face cream,hand cream, body butter or ointment to your skin especially right after the shower.

By applying moisturizer right after you dry off you are trapping in moisture into your skin. Stray away from lotions (like from bath and body works) because they are not anywhere near as moisturizing as heavier creams and butters. And of course use a separate cream from your body cream for your face than what you use for your body.


I know I already posted about how to keep your hair healthy and nourished in the winter but don't forget EVERYTHING is prone to dryness. Your hair is 90% of your selfie so don't forget about it!! Our Miracle Mask  and Intense Repair Miracle Mask are your quick solution!!


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